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JetCoin Review – But I’m Not Promoting It! June 6, 2017 by Nick Leave a Comment. H ave you been noticing more and more hype for JetCoin lately? This business is picking up a lot of steam, with people pitching it all over social media.The coin itself does not have to literally be worth $1 trillion. for their generation dale earnhardt jr., his wife and baby daughter were unharmed when a jet ran off the end of the runway at.JetCoin is an investment opportunity that deals exclusively with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency (BTC), promising a 200% return on investment in as soon as 40 to 50 days.. What Is JetCoin? There’s zero information regarding who owns or operates JetCoin.There is no contact information listed on the site, nor is there any information as to where the company is located or who is in charge.For Jay-Z, it means a US million private jet. According to CNN, in 2012 Beyoncé bought her. It turns out that the voice.So if, for whatever reason, you’re in the mood to drop tremendous coin on the only one of Elvis’s jets that isn’t in a museum, this is your chance. Not only does the jet come with paperwork proving it.

This video,, can also be seen at sure you pay CLOSE attention to what I am going to say next. There is a 100% legit company called jetcoin institute which has a publically traded crytocurrency coin called "Jetcoin". This company is NOT an MLM company and is 100% legit because it’s pubically traded.The idea is straightforward and appealing: A light, armed aircraft, equipped with sensors and weapons – affordable, nimble, and flexible – can become a big player for the U.S. Air Force in counterinsurgency (COIN) warfare in places like Iraq and Afghanistan without breaking the budget.The SEC, in response to a letter from TunkKey Jet’s lawyers, said that they would take no action. long as they are the equivalent of gift certificates. “The issue most coin offerings undertaken to.Deposit jetcoin (jet) minimum deposit notice: There is a minimum deposit amount of 10 JET. This must be sent to a single address to be credited into your account.