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Within its portfolio are CMP Pharma, which develops, manufactures and commercializes specialty pharmaceutical products; HealthTronics, which provides mobile equipment. over 40 clinics in the Dallas.Hydrelief is a discrete mobile IV hydration and vitamin therapy company providing in-home IV drips with fluids, vitamins, antioxidants, and over the counter treatments for a variety of conditions. Hydrelief offers IV drip packages focused on 3 key areas of hangover recovery, low energy, and general wellness.Dallas Texas IV Therapy Locator – Dallas IV Therapy Clinics and Specialists. Dallas Texas IV Therapy Locator, the largest Dallas IV therapy directory, helps you find experienced IV Nutrient Therapy Specialists in and around the Dallas-Forth Worth area that offer customized IV vitamin drips for athletic performance, greater immunity, treatment of chronic diseases and greater overall health.Current intravenous vitamin C protocols suggest maximum benefit from one to two infusions of 50-75 grams per week for about 6 months. After reassessment, continued treatment is typically one to two 50-75 gram infusions per month or on an as needed basis.VITAMIN, MINERAL, AND ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT supplementation. nutrition redefined. Health Reimagined. Naturally prevent illness, treat conditions, and maintain optimal health with nutritional therapies. Who says you have to be sick to get better?For all your Event, Conference, Summit, Meet Up, needs. Evento Template is for you! With its easy to use and easy to edit features, you will be ready to publish your site online in no time without the need of coding skills. Customizing colors, text, images and more than of its +25 useful sections are also done in a breeze.Renew Hydration is one of the first IV Therapy drip clinics in Dallas, Texas. Not only do we have a wellness spa for you to come and obtain your IV Drips for a hangover cure, we also have mobile IV therapy unit that can come to you for all your vitamin drip needs. We offer items for hang overs, wellness, and athletes!VIP IV VITAMIN INFUSION CLINIC. Home. Shop. More. home; shop; Signed in as: [email protected] and more right below our new location! We also are MOBILE and can come to you! VIP IV VITAMIN INFUSION CLINIC. 1409 South Lamar Street, Dallas, Texas 75215, United States (850) 567-3482. By.