new youtube community guidelines strikes system update 2019

These updates are part of our ongoing work to make sure that YouTube is the best place to listen, share, and create community through your stories. Our strikes system is an important way for us to help creators and artists understand when they’ve crossed the line by uploading content that undermines that goal, and your feedback has helped to.YouTube announced on Tuesday that it has updated the Community Guidelines to make the strikes system more clear. Additionally, the company will be adding new “mobile and in-product notifications”.More opportunities to learn YouTube’s policies Although 98% of you never break our Community Guidelines, they are vital to making YouTube a strong community and balancing freedom of expression with the freedom to belong. That’s why – from our earliest days – we’ve relied on a three-strikes system and email notices to give everyone a chance to review and understand what went wrong.Tuesday, February 19, 2019 We’re updating the way we give Community Guidelines strikes to be more transparent and consistent. Based on feedback from creators, we’re giving everyone new opportunities and better resources to understand our Community Guidelines.February 20, 2019. YouTube. YouTube has aimed to make its strikes system easier to understand and more transparent. YouTube. On a post in its Creators Blog, the company confirmed that it has updated its strikes system. At least for. Now, all Community Guidelines strikes will have the same penalty.YouTube Latest Update | Now Community Guideline Strike On Comment | 4 New updates 1.hate comments. 2.misleading Comments. tab. studio (New). YouTube New Update YouTube New Rules & Policy YouTube Latest News YouTube Community tab update youtube creator studio update YouTube Community Guidelines Strike UpdateOn Tuesday, YouTube announced in a blog post changes to its strikes system as it applies to content flagged for violating the company’s Community Guidelines. Starting February 25, the first time.YouTube Community Guidelines update. not all strikes had the same penalty on your channel. For example, first strikes on videos would trigger a 90-day freeze on live streaming, and second strikes.By Cohen Coberly on February 20, 2019, 7:33 AM 7 comments. The rule tweaks outlined below only apply to YouTube's Community Guidelines strike system.. it should give them a bit more breathing room due to the new warning system.

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