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There’re many reasons why saltless water softeners can be a better choice for you. They are also often referred to as descalers. If you’re experiencing hard water in your house, one of the effective ways to deal with it is to consider the best salt free water softener systems.In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of these systems and the best products available in this category.Pelican worked closely with the Water Quality Association (WQA) Gold Seal Certification Body and a team of authorities on water treatment certification to define what a water softener was and help expand education to consumers about the differences between an ion exchange (salt) and T.I.C. (Salt Free) water softeners.The NS3 Pelican NaturSoft Salt Free Water Softener System is the premium, maintenance-free, no-salt water softener and conditioner certified for 99.6% scale prevention and offers an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty.Homeowners have long chosen salt-based water softeners to rid their homes of frustrating hard water. However, the water waste that those systems produce, not to mention the salty wastewater that harms the environment, has caused some localities in California to ban them completely.salt-free water softeners (catalitic media) Salt Free water softeners are recommended for residential and commercial applications at or below 75 grains of hardness. It is also recommended for health conscious people, people with high blood pressure, people on a low or no sodium diet, or people who prefer chemical free water softening.Canyon Lake, CA. Water Softener Water, Water Treatment, Salt Free. Non Electric Filtration Systems For Home Or Your Office For Clean DrinkingOrange County Culligan Man offers Water Softener solutions based on your needs & budget. The High-Efficiency Water Softener is the most efficient water softener in the market. You save more on water, salt, and electricity with patented smart technology.Since 1970 we have been serving our neighbors with clean drinking water. So, if you need a water softener in Irvine, reverse osmosis systems in Harbor City, water filters in La Mirada, salt-free water filtration systems in Carson, or bottleless water coolers in Lakewood, we’ll be glad to help.Saltless Water Softening and Conditioning Systems Culligan-conditioned water you trust, without the salt. Whether you live in a brine-restricted area, or you’re just exploring water softening and filtration solutions, Culligan offers plenty of salt-free water conditioning and filtration options to target your specific problem water needs.

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