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Amazon.com : Grass Shot by Bulbhead – The Ultimate home hydro seeding system, Liquid Spray Seed Lawn Care : Garden & Outdoor.I cannot find information (from scientific sources such as .edu) about the immediate or long-term toxicity of the spray on cactus or our desert trees. Generally, we recommend spraying.HydroMousse Liquid Lawn is the world's first home hydro-seeding system with Spray n' Stay Technology. It contains a revolutionary, patent-pending system that .Spray your grass seed with the Scotts Food For New Grass Spray. Able to feed & water your grass at the same time, it will grow thicker and faster than unfed.HPLC-grade acetonitrile was obtained from fisher scientific (fair Lawn, NJ). QuEChERS extraction packages containing.Whether you want a dedicated or a Workman vehicle mounted grass sprayer, we have the right equipment for you. All turf sprayers incorporate advanced turf sprayer technology.The lawn spray liquid is a mixture of mostly water (95%), a small amount of fertilizer (4.5%) and an even a smaller amount of pesticides and additives (0.5%). The liquid is NOT a bunch of chemicals – your lawn doesn’t need a lot of fertilizer or insecticides, but you do need a lot of water to spread it.HydroMousse Liquid Lawn is the world’s first home hydro-seeding system with Spray n’ Stay Technology. It contains a revolutionary, patent-pending system that coats, treats and blends premium-quality grass with the Magic Mousse formula.You may have seen professionals spraying a green, foamy liquid on areas around highways to plant grass seed. Now, Hydro Mousse says you.The Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn contains a revolutionary patent pending system that coats, treats and blends premium quality grass seed with the proprietary. · Sulfentrazone is the same thing as what we call Dismiss, the product we use in summer for good nutsedge control. And Quinclorac is a herbicide we now spray on Crabgrass, since MSMA is not available anymore. It does OK on Crabgrass (not great like MSMA did), but does not control weeds like Johnsongrass or Dallisgrass.QT, 600 SQFT Coverage, Ready To Spray, 7-12-15, Starter Fertilizer, Feeds and Waters At The Same Time, Safe For All Grass Types, Great For Grass Seed Sod.